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List On The MLS

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Listing is a Breeze

Exposure has never been so simple.

1) Secure Online Payment

Once you place your listing order a receipt will be sent to the email address you provided. Next you’ll be contacted by email or by phone to begin the process of listing your property on the MLS. After the order is placed be on the look-out for your MLS Listing Agreements and listing instructions. Please double check your email inbox including your spam folder.


2) Complete MLS Sheet & Submit Photos

You will then email the MLS listing agreements once filled with your property data and attach your photos so we can begin building your MLS listing. 


3) Activation + Syndication

Your listing with be processed within 24 to 48 business hours upon completion of the simple MLS forms. Your property will also be syndicated to Realtor.com® where real estate agents can find it to present to their buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Pay A Listing Agent Commission?

Nope. You just pay a Flat Listing Fee as little as $199 to get the power of the MLS for added exposure for your property.

Can I Get More Help From the Listing Agent?

All agents and brokers in our network will provide additional services including contract review, negotiating, and close of sale. These services are INCLUDED at no additional charge to our sellers.

Do I Have To Pay A Buyer's Agent Commission?


To be competitive we strongly encourage you to offer compensation of at least 2%-3%. If a Buyer’s agent sees your listing on the MLS and brings a buyer you must pay the buyer’s agent a commission if you accept the offer. The commission you’re willing to pay must be stated on your MLS listing details and listing agreement at signup. We recommend that you offer a commission between 2% – 3% because your listing will be competing with other listings for agent’s attention within your MLS market area.


How Many Photos Will I Get?

Our 3 Month listing includes 10 photos - which in most cases is sufficient. Our 6 Month listing plan offers up to 25.
Our 12 Month Premium listing options includes MAX MLS photos, up to 40 in some MLSs.  If necessary you can mail in hard copy of your photos to be scanned and uploaded or the fastest way is to email them to us.

Each MLS has their own max number of photos that can be placed on the MLS. As the seller, you will need to take your own photos or hire a professional. Photographers charge in the ranges of $99 - $250 depending on location, distance and amount of photos you request.

Do I Have to Pay a Buyer's Agent Commission if I Find my Own Buyer?

Nope. No additional fees or commissions are paid if you find your own buyer. We allow you to Retain the Right to Sell By Owner.

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